Company history

Bakai Szerszámgép Szerviz Kft.

Company seat: H-3400 Mezőkövesd, Asztalos út 1.
Tel: (00-36) 49/505-072 • Tel./Fax: (00-36) 49/505-071
Manager: Bakai László
Mobil: +36-30/9461-091

Since the establishment of Bakai Ltd. a great development has taken place in the life of the company. Its operation in 1986 as private enterprise; later form 16 December 1997, the operation continued under the name of Bakai Machine Tool Services Ltd. with a headcount of 9 people and with substantially winded activity fields. In 2015, the number of employees reaches 42 employees.

The machine and tool park is under continuous extension. On our site in Mezőkövesd, we hold a modern and well-equipped erecting shop/assembly hall. The company disposes of nine service cars to ensure the outer service operations. The cars are equipped with the necessary machines, elevating and installation tools.

In our workshop we own three universal lathes, column and radial drill, flat surface grinding machine, position drill, equipments and measuring instruments for the overhaul and modernization of machine tools. The whole park area is mounted with consoled cranes.
The special levers, roller carriage that are necessary for machine equipment installation, are also important part of the site. Our elevator park consist of three trolleys out of which two of them are 3.5 tonner and one is 10 tonner.

Besides this site in Mezőkövesd, we run a stand-by workshop in Eger with a 4-member staff on 120 m2 to attend the Industry Park of Eger. Nowadays the producers expect the service team to be on the partners’ premise in 10-20 minutes. One of the advantages of the Bakai Ltd. is that we are in daily contact with the factories, we know the local conditions, the occurring problems and needs that we always try to satisfy in an effective way.

Since the need for the special tool machines is continuously increasing, we plan to establish a 400 m2 special tool machine constructing and precision workshop in our 1600 m2 new hall being renovated at the moment.

Our patronage and exports:

  • Elso Elbe Hungaria Ltd
  • Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd
  • Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Ltd
  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Ltd
  • Leax Hungary Ltd
  • ZF Hungaria Ltd
  • Gráf Állványzat Ltd
  • Remy Automotive Hungary Ltd
  • Sanmina LTD Miskolc
  • Toolstyle LTD Miskolc

As export services the primary need covers the installation and maintenance of the productive works machine park. By means of our permanent and reliable relationships, we provide extensive qualitative and service background.
Our success operations so far are due to the continous reliable quality, innovate skills, flexibility and reasonable price.

Quality policy

The aim of the Bakai Ltd is to be able to meet the requirements of the relations and expectations on high standard and with qualitative activities.

At management decision we pay maximal attention and commitment on quality. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. In addition, we dispose of suppliers’ liability insurance up to 400 000 Euros validated for whole Europe.

With our suppliers and subcontractors we always aim to develop long-term relationship. We emphasize the great significance of the efficient and correct cooperation towards our procurers and suppliers.